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Latest: Riding the Rodeo

After many months of hard work by volunteers and staff at the Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre, the Rodeo Switchback has finally been tested and is now open for business on selected days.

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Pleasurelands for 2007

With the major rides starring in the new museum building a new display for the old building has been launched for the 2007 season.
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Ending on a high note

Museum’s first year of operation finishes with a flourish.
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First rides built up

The dream becomes reality as rides go in at Dingles.
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Heritage Lottery success

Funding application bears fruit.
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Building underway

Diggers get to work at Dingles.
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New museum gets go-ahead

It’s all systems go for the new Fairground Museum.
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New season at Dingles

Open day kicks off the 2005 season.
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Popeye goes to university

Ex Joe Ling Moonrocket figure conserved at Lincoln.
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2004 Season Closes

Museum planning permission among the highlights of a great year.
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New Trustees Appointed

David Wallis and Simon DeVey appointed at Trust AGM.
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Review of 2003

Heritage Trust on the move after a long period of inactivity.
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Historic items move to Dingles

Bright future beckons for Heritage Trust collection.
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