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Brett’s Ghost Train

Our Ghost Train was built by the Amusement Supplies Company for Joe Stevens of Chertsey, and delivered in June 1947. Originally the décor was relatively plain, but during the winter of 1948/9 was completely redecorated by the then new firm of Hall & Fowle, making it one of their first jobs, and probably the earliest surviving example of their work.

The Ghost Train was later sold to Bretts, and was extensively travelled by the family for many years. Fortunately, apart from minor modifications, it remained virtually unchanged for nearly half a century!

In 1994 it was acquired by the Fairground Heritage Trust; it is one of only a few remaining traditional Ghost Trains, which build up completely from scratch, rather than being lorry or trailer mounted. Not only is all of the Hall & Fowle front and station artwork intact, but four of the original fleet of cars also survive.

Following evaluation, it is hoped that this ride will be made operational within the museum at an early date, with conservation of the paintwork, etc, being undertaken progressively at a later stage.