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Jenn D Music Video

Jenn D film crew at Dingles

The fairground has been in vogue for a over a decade in terms of an association with consumer advertising: for fashion, music, confectionery and cars. M&S, Tombola Bingo, Mars Confectionery, Impulse Fragrance, and Confused dot com have all used funfair locations to sell their products. The Fairground Heritage Centre was chosen to film a 20 second ad for the NME Shockwaves Rock’n’ Pop awards four years ago. Filmed entirely on the Ark, the ad was shown on TV an incredible 428 times in the days running up to the event.

Our first pop promo to promote a single, was produced by award winning, London-based Luti Media in December 2012. Originally from Liverpool, Jenn D is a successful singer, songwriter and musician bringing her own unique and edgy take on pop into the music industry. She was snapped up by AATW Records last summer. This last year, has seen her working in various studios and jet setting around the world whilst writing her debut album. She has also been joined by some of the biggest names in the industry with whom she has co-written, as well as teaming up with some of the best producers in the business.

Jenn DJenn D’s own unique, eclectic brand of pop music has been welcomed by music lovers. Having caught the attention of Channel 4 TV producers, two of Jenn D’s demos have already featured on hit TV show ‘Made in Chelsea’.

The 20-strong crew arrived at 8.30 am, with the Centre being manned by Rod Wilcox and Guy Belshaw, both of whom had the song, You Keep Giving Me Love, ringing in their ears for the next 12 hours or so. The Dodgem, Skid, Rodeo Switchback and Ark were all used in the making of the film.

Filming finished around 9.00pm, all for a film of less than 3 minutes duration!

The track is due for official release on 18 March.