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Moments in time

This page and those linked to it should help you visualise what the Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre is all about. If you are no great reader there are plenty of pictures to see, but why not take your time and browse through all the fragments of the fairground story presented here?

Elements of everything shown on these pages has a reference point somewhere at the Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre, whether its a wholly preserved ride, a fragment of an old fairground show, a photograph, a document or a piece of artwork.

It is our wish that these pages inspire you enough to come and see the work we do and allow yourself, for a few hours at least, to immerse yourself in our world of wonder – something that we believe occupies a significant place in British cultural and social history.

Back through the mists of time

Fairground originsWhen fairs attracted strolling players and the attention of Kings.
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When Showtime was everything

Fairground ShowBefore the rides there was no business like show business.
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It’s all Swings & Roundabouts

RoundaboutIt’s technology that makes the world go round in circles.
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Riding to Infinity and beyond!

Miami Trip 3A potted history of fairground rides since the 1920s.
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Things that go bump in the dark

Ghost TrainContinuing a long tradition of scary stuff with the lights out.
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Seeing the fair from up in the air

Big wheelRead all about a century or more of re-inventing the wheel.
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Trying your luck for a prize every time!

StallsTaking a look at the fine art of prize-giving between rides.
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And we say thank you for the music!

OrganBefore the deafening disco beat came an era of mechanical delight.
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Getting up a good old head of steam

Steam engineCharting the development of the fairground workhorse.
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Often seen and always forgotten

Fairground artEnjoy our spectacular gallery of overlooked fairground art.
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Fairground peopleA few little stories about the showfolk that made the tober tick.
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